Professional Foodstyling Program Day 3: Cereals

For the first half of our day, we made some bowls of cereals.

my cereal

Cereals are much like soups and salads put together, I don’t want to lay the cornflakes down too much to look like they’re all dead and floating, but at the same time, they should look like they are somewhat floating on…well yes, we used the sticky stuff. 🙂

fruit cuttin

With a lot of patience, my wonderful students sorted out the nicest cornflakes from two boxes, and then sorted the nicest condiments they could use. Things were looking pretty good and kicking off with a hands-on exercise in the morning seems to wake up their senses rather than drown them out with lectures. Here are some of the students’ works. 🙂 not really sure thoGiselleSabscathykarina

Hmm, I seem to be missing Neselee’s. Anyway, I probably overlooked it in one of the pegs since all of them have the same placemats. :p

sabs cerealizing hehe

I’m getting the hang of teaching and the students are getting a hang of foodstyling. Nice. 🙂


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  1. look at my face, todo serious! i love the caption, sabs cerealizing. BRILLIANT!!!

  2. giannina

    hehe isn’t so odd that you actually have to think about, “where can i position the nuts?”, which you’ll probably just drop into a bowl and mix around when you’re really going to eat the thing!

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