Professional Food Styling Program: Rice and Pasta Afternoon

After we all grabbed lunch at DEC, it was time to do something a bit more complicated. Rice and Pasta are pretty tricky if you don’t have much ideas in mind. Plating wise, no one wants to see a messy slop of pasta and goo, unless that’s the look you’re going for which most magazines and food companies here aren’t into.

meatballs chefy pasta still looks goodgiselle fixin up meatballs

Rice can dry up, stick too much together, or just misbehave and crumble. Pasta is complicated in a way that you have control about the lines it creates…so it’s really up to you if you want curves, horizontal, vertical or slanting lines on your plate. But I guess it is about knowing how to handle both, and to keep it looking like it just came out of the oven/pan.

neselee sabs

tess working on her platetricia

But they seemed to have come through with wonderful ideas and styling, not bad for first timers. πŸ™‚

giselle cathy

wondering where to put the sauce

tess karina



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  1. hi! i’m interested in joining your food styling class. though i’ll need to fly all the way from cebu, but heck, i love food, i love photography and might as well learn a bit on how to style right?

    how do i enroll in your food styling classes? any requirements? what are the schedules?

    hope to hear from you soon,


  2. giannina

    Hi benj, I just sent you an email a few days ago. I’m sorry for the late reply. :p

  3. butch villanueva

    Good day! I am very much interested in joining your class. I’m currently working in advertising and wanted to (semi) shift my career into food styling.
    I’ve have tried styling for some of my food accounts but never really went full time. How do I enroll in your class? Can you mail me the requirements and schedules and also, how much. Thank you so much and hope you can mail me back agad.


  4. Hi Giannina,
    Food styling is fun and truly stylish. You might as well put up a course like that here in CACS Davao. Hope to get involved!!!
    Good job!

  5. mike bitanga

    hi gianina. im really interested in this. would you happen to have a class anytime soon? can you send me the details if you have one? thank you!

  6. hi.. i’m in mindanao, and interested to join workshop or class in food styling, can you email me schedule on your next workshop or class, and the rate.. thanks

  7. Jennie Tatlonghari

    Hi! When is your next foodstyling classes? Kindly email me your class schedules and venues. I’d appreciate a response. Thanks so much!


  8. kristine

    hi!i would like to join your food styling class soon.How do i enroll and what are the requirements? and also, hope you could email me your class schedules. thank u so much!

  9. hi
    I have been styling professionally in Mumbai India for the past 2 yrs.. would like to join a masters class if any.. request you to pls send me your schedules.. Where are you based?

  10. Noel Calma

    im still new in the culinary world and food that is artfully presented amazes me.i hope you could give me some infos abt the courses you are offering.i want to learn more about food styling.thanks and more power.

    noel calma of angeles city

  11. hi.. pls send me complete details on how to join your food styling classes.

    hope to hear from you soon..


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