Panini for Seattle’s Best Coffee

How nice. I finally see the poster of my first project with Seattle’s Best Coffee. Yes, proud to say that I styled their panini. Jonathan Mallari was the photog. It was something I failed to talk about in my blog since things got a little crazy over the past weeks. But here are some new and wonderful things I’ve learned with this project.

Food Styling by Me :)

Working with Cheese:

1: Cream Cheese is easier to manipulate when whipped and lightened.

2: A good cheese melt? Try to do them fresh off the oven, in this case I had a salamander a few feet away.

3: Using a blowtorch on cheese? Keep the flame off the cheese, high temperature causes burn marks…unless you want that look.

4: Cheaper cheese produces better melts…those I learned from Ms. Denise and Ms. Delores. 😉


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  1. Hi Gianina! Wow, so you’re the one who styled these ever-sumptuous looking paninis. Seattle’s best is nearby my office, and I hafta say it always has tempted me to grab one. I actually tried Quattro Formaggi, and I wanna try more of those paninis in the future. Kudos to your work!

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