It was funny because I just knew about it yesterday. And for the first time, I wasn’t so nervous, maybe because I was alone and I had to represent some how. 😉 The woman before me seemed so accomplished, she reminded me of a subdued version of Ms. Sibayan, an artist because she was also a visual artist, who was into a little bit of feminism. Her words made me nervous, I guess I didn’t feel like being so verbose if I wanted to project a very friendly type of person on cam.

I remember my VIDPROD days in DLSU

I remembered my days in VIDPROD and the long laborious hours of practicing and practicing for a “live” telecast in the DLSU TV Studio, with Dr. Doy del Mundo checking up on us once in a while. They really do live telecasts…well I knew that, but then for interviews? What if I accidentally cursed? Haha!

the makeup room where i quickly made friends w the makeup artist

I was there as a food stylist, to be interviewed of course. I guess I saw it as pretty good exposure knowing that I was going to be interviewed, so I guess I wasn’t so nervous since we were going to talk about me and not other stuff. I realized it’s much easier to just talk rather than memorize a script since answers come so naturally. I put on my make-up, ate a quick lunch and left the house early, I was there early too. I chatted with the make-up artist asking her if I put too much. She said it was perfect, and all i needed was eye make-up. Atleast now I know how to put on make-up for TV. 🙂

Ovvian and Pia during the 1st segment

I was pretty jittery. Watching the cameramen do their thing, hearing the music go on and them signaling the host to go or not. Ms. Pia seemed so relaxed, all in a day’s work I guess. I was too afraid to look at myself on the small TV’s mounted in front of the cameras. I guess for the host, it’s a good place to get her cues from, I just wanted to concentrate. Things went well and I actually had fun.