A Simple Dog Barkday Party at Home

Cake from Whole Pet KitchenWe decided to go ahead and celebrate Jack’s 2nd Birthday party at home a few months after his birthday because of how busy everything has become. Still, I think he didn’t mind at all.

hahahah look at Porto

I baked him a round cake with liver cake base and our healthy cream cheese frosting ala Whole Pet Kitchen so that I could easily cut it and distribute.

the big burger

Francis, decided to make Jack and his guests a giant burger made out of beef, liver and eggs. He cooked it in a big pan and flipped it over to make sure everything was cooked well.

hahahah look at Porto

I got the hats from Japan Home, they were small enough to fit the Jackrussels Porto and Pignoli at home and still look good on Jack.

Salsa throwing a fit

Salsa just threw a fit when I placed a bumblebee head gear on her head.

Jack's meal

Each dog had their own bowl to ensure that no one would fight over someone else’s share and the cake was cut to their correct portion size. I froze the rest. Surprisingly, the dogs still ate the cake even after that giant burger was served to them.

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  2. wow! looks like Jack the bday celebrant had a blast of a party;) our bunso Lulu was looking at the photos and it seems like Lulu will want something like that for her 1st birthday in a few months:)!!!!! happy birthday,Jack stay healthy and safe all the time!!!! from tita Carmen & uncle keith and Lulu and kuya RJ the cat

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