The Post Office Kidnapped my Snow Leopard

some pirate intercepted it

Yes, I do believe that the Philippine Postal Service is full of s*&#

About 2 weeks ago, I received a much awaited email from the Apple Store Online regarding my new Snow Leopard (because I was eligible for the Up-to-Date program) that they already sent my kit via normal post… Instantly I thought…ohh crap, some jerk is going to steal it from the mail. But I decided to wait it out, maybe the Apple Store knows what its dealing with…I never should’ve waited so long.

10 days after (well i was supposed to get it in 7-10 days), nothing…not a slip telling me to get it from the post office…nothing. I got my credit card bills…but that’s it. I decided to tell Apple Store Online how corrupt this service is and that I strongly recommend that they totally eradicate using the Philippine Postal Service for any of their transactions. Happily today, they’ve sent me a new one via courier…

I can’t believe how low these people are…what the hell gives them the authority to check anyone’s mail?!

Moreover, I am really in awe on how corrupt this service is…In the states and other parts of the globe, you can easily send and receive gifts via mail without having to even think about the possibility that it will never get to its proper destination.

3 thoughts on “The Post Office Kidnapped my Snow Leopard

  1. pag idadaan talaga sa post office.. 0.01% lang ang chance mo na makuha yung item na yun. Kaya sa ebay pag may pinapa ship ako.. binayaran ko nalang yung DHL, kesa mag USPS sila.. Super risky 99.9% hindi mo matatanggap item mo, kasi nanakawin ng mga kurakot sa Manila Post Office.. Tsk tsk tsk…

  2. kung minsan may nakakalusot din, pero i learned my lessons na. di na ako nagpapadala ng tseke thru regular mail to the philippines.

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